Whether or not they are done with their dinner, kids always have space for a delicious dessert treat. Children love desserts and, reality be revealed, most caregivers and parents do, too. However, if this tasty treat becomes a regular part of your junior’s meal and snack routines, as a responsible parent you will want to make sure they are not just empty calories but also healthy. These nutritious desserts for your champ will make loving a yummy snack here and there less of a guilt-including fight and more of a tasty delight.

Check out the below mentioned yummy, healthy and fun-filled dessert that even the choco pie box cannot compete with.

1. Healthy Banana pie

Bananas are energy giving fruits with extra protein. Yes, all you need is two to four bananas! Bananas all by themselves can be transformed into fast, nutritious desserts for your toddler with just a quick preparation and a lot of blending. Don’t forget to put a few bananas in your freezer one night before. The next day, blend the bananas properly and add milk and sugar according to need, then again blend it again and add some dried peanut or cherries, butter with raisins on the top. One of the favorite ways of every parent to make a kid-friendly desserts is to start with a healthy fruit. If you want to provide your kid an extra boost, then you can even pack this amazing dessert for their afternoon classes.

2. Chocolate Founde

Yummy, this is a great recipe every parent should try with their child at least once. Basically, it involves a lot of chocolate- your kid’s favorite. You can also arrange a fondue party- it is very simple enough to enjoy on a weekend. All you have to do is to melt some chocolate in the oven and let your little one skewer their favorite cubed angel food cake and some fruits. Just microwave 5 to 6 ounces split chocolate with the half cup of cream on 70% until melted for about 3 to 4 minutes. Blend until smooth and then serve with fresh fruits and food cake, for dipping.

3. ice cream Sandwich cake

Ice cream sandwich cake will be the easiest and healthiest cake you will ever make for your kid that you won’t even have to bake. The most amazing thing about it is that even your kid could do it with you! Take 12 pieces of ice cream sandwich, unwrap the sandwiches and then stack them layer by layer but each layer should face opposite direction as the previous one. Then, drizzle your kid’s favorite chocolate flavor topping over the top of the cake and let it flow down the sides of the sandwich cake properly. Finally, put the toppings your kid desire on the top! Once done with the toppings, put it in the freezer for 30 to 35 minutes. It looks elegant and CHILDREN LOVE IT!

4. Fruity skewkers

If you want to give something healthy to your child, then fruity skewer is your best choice. This awesome recipe is ideal for young kids parties during summers. Beat the heat with tropical fruits and help your child to cool down while they enjoy heat during the summer. You can pick between seasonal fruits if you are preparing this some other season. All you need is some healthy fruits, such as bananas, strawberries, apple, and cantaloupe and cut them into pieces. Thread the fruit pieces alternately onto skewers. Then, arrange the skewers on a serving plate and let your child enjoy this delightful dessert!

So, now you have all easy and quick desserts recipes for your kids. Your child will definitely love the above mentioned nutritious and healthy dessert recipes! You can also find these healthy and great dessert combinations in many pizza shops in New York and other parts of the world. Contact New York Pizza for delicious desserts with mouth-watering pizzas.