Top 6 beverages that you must try in new york city

Planning on a trip in the most happening city of the entire world; New York city? There are innumerable things that are a must try in the city but one thing that stands apart from all is the New York parties. If you are planning to visit the city anytime sooner, then we would totally suggest you to pack your best dancing shoes and party in the city. Some of the below mentioned beverages will help you enhance your party experience in the New York city.

1. Vodka Cranberry

This drink works well for almost every person regardless of the drinking habits. It doesn’t matter if you are in your 20s or are completing half century of age, this drinks is always help you maintain that minimal high and will make you enjoy the moments in the New York city a bit more. Just check in to any bar in San Carlos and order Vodka cranberry along with a pizza of your choice to go with it.

2. Martini

As said by Mr. James Bond, Martini is the drink that will never let you down. Try it with either gin or vodka and ask the bartender to get bit stirred for you. A number of bars in the New York offer Martini as it is one of the most adored and ordered drink in the city. Martini in New York city and Pizza in San Carlos is exactly what you should dig on to.

3. Jagerbomb

Jagerbomb is the ultimate beverage when it comes to a Party in the New York City and if you are an absolute party animal then you probably have tried this in past. There are different types to consume this drink, you can put the drink in the shot glass and place the glass in the bigger glass full of beer or the red bull.

4. Fireball Shot

As the name suggests this shot will make you feel hot right from the neck to the chest and finally to the gut. It is a sure fire method to rock your visit to the New York City and it is available at almost every bar in the city, so you need not worry about the place much.

5. Tequila Sunrise

Tequila Sunrise gets its name from its appearance. This authentic alcoholic drink is prepared by mixing up orange juice and grenadine to your regular Tequila drink. You can ask any bartender to make it for you as it is super easy and simple to prepare. If you are in a mood for something light and refreshing then going along with the Tequila Sunrise is the nicest option.

6. Negroni

Not just in the New York City, this drink is the favourite alcoholic drink to serve for almost every bartender throughout the world. It is prepared using your favourite gin with campari and sweet vermouth. It is a simple yet absolutely mind blowing type of alcoholic drink. Having a slice of your favourite pizza in San Carlos will even enhance you trip and make it a whole lot better.

The options for beverages in the New York city isn’t limited to just the above mentioned options, instead there are innumerable choices for you and we have mentioned just the basic ones. You will find and explore plentiful other options once you visit the city. But trying out the above mentioned options are a must for you in the city as crazy as the New York city.

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