Top 6 appetizers you absolutely have to try this season

Appetizers are food items are the things that keep us happy and alive. All the foodies or the food lovers in the world, are always in search of a new food item or appetizer to hook on too. Therefore,l we’ve prepared a list of top 6 appetizers that are a must try in this season. Mentioned below is the list of the appetizers: –

1. Boiled Peanut Hummus

Hummus is an exotic appetizer which is consumed at different types of events including marriage parties, receptions, birthdays etc. Unlike the regular hummus that is available in the restaurants, this hummus is prepared by using peanuts in the boiled form. This absolutely lip smacking dish can be served at both corporate as well as personal parties and events.

2. Cranberry meatballs

Both meat and cranberry both are the food items that are adored by almost every individual. Cranberry has a bit of sweet yet tangy taste while the meat is absolutely juicy type of food item. Meatballs when cooked with in the cranberry syrup along with some glazing of the cranberry juice make a proper dish that is good to serve both your starvation as well as the gluttony.

3. Caramelized onion cranberry cream cheese bites

Cranberry is the flavour of the season and therefore in our third appetizer as well, we have a hint of this superbly delicious fruit. The caramelized onion cranberry cream cheese bites are prepared withy a bit of cranberry caramel which is used to prepare and caramelize the onion and cheese bites. Both cranberry and onions are placed over the cheese bites prepare preferably with the mozzarella or the cheddar cheese.

4. Beef And Asparagus Bundles

When talking about appetizers, it is impossible to not talk about the non vegetarian range of food items and beef is one amazing variety of the non vegetarian food item. These beef and asparagus bundles are super easy to prepare and absolutely delicious to eat. They are prepared by simply placing a pre cooked piece of beef inside the asparagus bundle which is preferably pre cooked or boiled too. These bundles serve as a an amazing option for appetizers in cocktails and other events.

5. Chicken Dominator Pizza

Pizzas are the soul food of the entire universe. There isn’t any list of appetizers that does not mention the pizzas. It is a very common practise in San Francisco to have new york pizzas in almost every event and party. Pizzas are available in different varieties and flavours, you can experiment enough when it comes to pizzas. Chicken dominator pizza is the kind of pizza having 4 different types of chicken toppings on a single pizza.

6. Southern Shrimp cocktails

Shrimps are the evergreen and ever tasty kind of food item. A number of variations have been made lately to the conventional shrimps and related dishes. This shrimp cocktail that we are talking about is created using the shrimps and a bit of alcohol of your own choice. This sea food is one of a kind is a delightful food item to have as appetizer.

Very often, we get bored or used to the same food item and appetizers. A lot of times, we wish to find something new that can be created using the same food ingredients. Some new and absolutely lip smacking food items are described in the above section of the blog and you must try each of it.

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