3 Pizza Hacks That You Should Know

There is no doubt that pizza is everyone’s favourite and none of us actually like to waste even a small bit of pizza. There is no end to learning and guess what we are here to teach you with a few hacks that will help you get the most out of your delicious pizza.

1. Make Plates out of the Pizza box

Whether you order pizza for a party or for your family dinner, why take the hassle of washing the plates after munching on your favourite pizza, when you have the great option of turning the box into a plate. All you need to do is tear the squares and your cardboard plate is ready! Now you can place slices of pizza on top of each one and serve. There are two advantages of this hack. The first one is you will not have to waste time cleaning the dishes post meal and secondly you will be contributing your part towards a better environment by not wasting paper plates.

2. Make your own pizza croutons

Did you know that you can make your own pizza croutons with the leftover pizza? Well, if you have ended up ordering more pizza than you can actually eat, then do not worry about the leftovers. We will not ask you to chew the reaming pizza the next day if you don’t want to. But throwing away food is also not the right thing to do. Now the hack is to make pizza croutons with the leftover pizzas. For this you need to separate the crust, cut and fold the strips in the form of cubes and cook it on a medium flame. Once done, you can enjoy it with your soup or salad.

3. Keeping the crust crispy while reheating the pizza

As a pizza fan you will want to have more and more pizza, but your tummy will not always allow so. There often arises situations when you have ordered too much of pizza and you become sure that if it is left for the next day, heating can make the crust soggy.

But, here we have a good news for you. With this small hack, you will not be required to eat the soggy crust anymore. You can have the hot and crispy pizza even after reheating. The hack is very simple- place one glass of water in the microwave when you heat your pizza. That’s it! Crunchy, tasty pizza is ready for consumption!

Order your pizza today!

Already having a feeling that your mouth is watering? Why not order all your favourite pizzas today? Now that you have learnt the hacks you can store your favourite delicacy in the fridge for later consumption. Order online today and enjoy your meal!

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