Things That Can Absolutely Compliment Your Pizza Party

Planning to throw a pizza party for your friends? Well, already your mouth must have started watering by just imagining the super crunchy base with mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce and your favourite toppings. Just imagine the cheese oozing out when you take your first bite. Okay…I will not arouse the greed for pizza anymore. But, let me tell you, you need side dishes for your pizza party, which will compliment your evening with friends.

To make it more easy for you, let me give you a few suggestions that will act as the perfect pizza companion.

Spiced chicken wings

These chicken wings are delicious and will be loved by every guest at your party.These can be prepared easily at home. The things you will require is chicken, oregano, red wine, garlic, ginger, salt, pepper, eggs. The whole preparation process will be time-consuming too. So, how about ordering these delicious chicken wings from your favourite New York pizza outlet at Palo Alto? Your friends will totally love the spicy chicken wings. Even you have the option of buffalo wings too.

Garlic Bread sticks

Garlic breads are something that is loved by many and I am sure your guests will love it, if you include this in the menu. The essence of garlic perfectly baked in the breadsticks will just be the best companion for your evening pizza party. Try it out and you will know yourself.

Fried Mozzarella sticks

For your pizza party, these mozzarella sticks will be just the right appetiser and will definitely be a hit among the guests. The preparation process is not that messy, only you will have to do a bit cleaning up of the oil, post preparation.

Your favourite drink

Parties are incomplete without a drink. You can add your favourite drink to your menu list to act as the perfect companion after a pizza meal. Well, the drink can be your favourite fruit juice or sodas. If you or your friends love to indulge in some Gatorade, you can do it too. For those in Palo Alto, I would suggest you to go through the beverage menu of New York pizza and choose your favourite drink and make your party a hit among your friends.

So, now you know which side dishes can compliment your pizza party. If you have a party scheduled for this weekend, order your share of dishes from our wide range of options. Enjoy the delicacies of our food and have fun with your friends.

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