4 Top Reasons To Eat Green Salads With Meat

If you are interested in keeping a healthy diet, green salads are your best bet! Even composed from a few ingredients, it makes a nutrient-rich meal. It is one of the simplest and most healthy habits you can adopt. The green salad has lots of iron, calcium, vitamins and potassium. Eating salads is actually a convenient way to work in a couple of servings of fruits and vegetables in your meal.

Not only green salads are good for your health but also crunchy and fun to eat. You can even have them customized to include the fruits and vegetables that you like. Adding low calories and high fibers in your daily diet just can’t go wrong!

So, let’s take a look at the reasons that makes green salads the perfect option to go with your meat. Read on!


Green salad is rich with ingredients that contains vitamin A and C in the form of antioxidant carotenoids. Add a cup of spinach and you will gain 93% of recommended daily intake of vitamin A along with more than 100% from a half of a medium sized carrot.


Your body needs dietary fat to absorb the different vitamins and vegetable oil helps you in exactly that by letting you get the most from your green salad. However vegetable oil has around 120 calories, so you just need to watch the serving sides and you are good to go!


Your body doesn’t store protein, so it is essential to get the regular supply of protein. Leafy greens are the best choice to have the ingredients that are rich in protein. One ounce of seeds or a half a cup of beans will give you around 10 grams of protein.


Eating fiber lowers your risk of developing heart diseases. Vegetables along with nuts and seeds in a salad, are a good source of insoluble fiber that keeps your digestive tract healthy by keeping the blood sugar level balanced and lowering the cholesterol.

These are the benefits of having green salad in your meal along with the meat. Many people also have a question if they should eat the salad before eating the meat or after? So, what exactly is the best option?

Eating Salad before Meat

Eating a green salad before having the meat helps you in reducing the total energy intake during the meal. This can be beneficial for weight loss as well as healthy weight management. It may also help in boosting the vegetable consumption.

Eating Salad after Meat

Consuming the protein-rich meat also has its benefits in terms of healthy weight management. Meat has also high-quality complete protein that further reduces the food intake at meal.

Green salads are the perfect way to a healthy life. So, if you are looking for some tasty and healthy greens, order online from our vast options of green salads to taste the healthy deliciousness!

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