4 Types of Mushrooms for Pizza Toppings That Are Not Only Delicious but Also Nutritious

Any pizza is incomplete without its toppings and mushrooms have become one of the widely used toppings for any type of pizza across the globe. It not only complements the other toppings like meat, cheese, onions, olives etc. but each type of mushrooms have their own flavor.

There are many varieties of mushrooms out of which the four – Portobello, Chanterelles, Porcini and Truffle are being widely used to exalt the taste of pizzas. Mushrooms are one of the most nutritious toppings, which is not only source for Vitamin C and protein but also boosts your immune system.

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1. Portobello

Portobello mushrooms can be used as a substitute for meat-free pizza as they have meaty flavor after been cooked. These mushrooms are often used among the Classic pizza toppings, it is suggested to use them with cheese such as Parmesan, Ricotta and Manchengo. These mushrooms are excellent source of Vitamin B adding nutritious value to the delicious pizza. It is a major pizza topping.

2. Chanterelles

Chanterelles are a rich source of minerals such as Vitamin C & D, potassium and iron. These mushrooms were largely used in French cuisine in the 18th century. Not only they have fruity aroma and it has spicy taste too and it tastes like mild pepper. Chanterelles resemble with apricots in texture and shape of the mushroom. It is advisable to use this particular mushroom with sweet meats like ham, pork along with black or white pepper for your pizza.

3. Porcinis

Among the others, Porcinis when used as dried mushroom have more protein than any other vegetable and soyabeans. If you are looking to bake one nutritious pizza, use Porcinis as a topping. It complements with a variety of other pizza toppings because it is loaded with rich flavor and nutritional value. It is high in fibres, Vitamin B, potassium, zinc and copper. The flavor is earthy and woodsy. Porcini mushroom has earned its royalty in the kitchen by famous chefs around the world for its taste and versatility.

4. Truffles

Truffle is one of the most expensive edible mushrooms in the world. It is one of the most sought edible mushroom in the world. When these mushrooms are heated, the aroma becomes more intense. Truffles are preferred pizza toppings for vegetarians due to its high protein content and fibre. The flavor is pungent, slightly garlic taste and it is quite delicious. For non-vegetarians, pair it with roasted form of meat. It is more suited to Spanish ingredients for the pizza toppings.


Mushroom pizza is getting quite popular in pizza industry. It is a rich source of natural fibre, protein, Vitamins, minerals and iron. It is a fungi and has great nutritional value. The mushrooms should be cooked before using as pizza toppings. Adding mushrooms as pizza toppings adds aroma, taste and makes it nutritious and delicious.

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