5 Appetizers That Make A Great Start To Your Meal

Appetizers complement any kind of meal, be it dinner or lunch. Appetizers can tantalize your taste buds and have the power to make you crave for more food.To be precise, these are the first taste of the meal. Whether you are on a dinner date or hosting a party at home, you need some good tasty appetizers to make the main course of the meal more enjoyable.

Though the option on appetizers is numerous, we have listed the best ones that can make a great start to your meal.

BBQ Wings

The name BBQ wings itself seems so yummy! You can order BBQ wings as your appetizer and enjoy the delicious sauce-drenched chicken wings which will melt in your mouth. If you are planning for a pizza as your main meal course, then these wings will surely make your taste buds crave for more. The idea is to order the BBQ chicken wings followed by a large pizza and soda. Yum!


If you have a love for seafood, then this appetizer is just for you. Cooked squid with oregano and black pepper can just enhance your food cravings and satisfy the appetizer taste just before the meal. If you haven’t tried this amazing appetizer, try it as New York Pizza’s calamari is something you should try at least once in your lifetime.

Potato skins

If you have got bored of munching on potato chips, why not try something new. Potato skins are a great appetizer and the spicy crispy ones will surely make you crave for more. When hanging out with friends you all can munch over some potato skin with drinks. A perfect start for a dinner.

Cheesy garlic bread

If you love cheese but got bored of only eating pizza regularly, why not try out the cheesy garlic bread? A large part of the demography have a crazy for cheese and if you are among one of them, then my suggestion would be to try out the yum malicious cheesy garlic bread at New York Pizza.

French Fries

Perhaps the most common and favorite appetizer of all time are the french fries. The crispy, salted longitudinal potatoes are the best combination that goes with all kinds of meals. If you are looking for an appetizer that will not be too heavy on your appetite, leaving space for the main meal course, then you should go for French Fries.

These are the five yummy appetizers that you can try. Whether hosting a house party or going out on a date, make sure to grab the tasty appetizers from New York Pizza as these are sure to make your taste buds go gaga over food. Order online and enjoy your food!

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