How can a pizza promote corporate culture during lunch breaks

Workplace is often filled with stress and can almost nullify one’s creativity in many cases. Doing things again and again may increase productivity to some extent, but at the cost of creativity. Most workplaces and a good number of companies have toiled behind tackling this aspect of offices.

How to turn bored employees to spurring work machines? The answer lies in probably the most unexpected place one can imagine- The pizza. Well not per se the Pizza alone, but the entire effort that goes behind eating one. Employees sitting together and biting on the pizza, discussing their day are the best stress busters.

It may sound counterintuitive to let your employees have as much break as they wish to, but it mostly works in favour. Apart from getting free from work it also makes the workplace all the more enjoyable for them. A pizza break is like an incentive for which they will actually come to work each day and give their best. Every good company needs employees with Attention and Creativity, and both are known to dry up after a few months. Such breaks are the agent that will keep them intact.

The corporate culture in most places have accepted this and one may always find the wall street buzzing with employees during most part of the day, helping themselves to some Pizza pie in New York. Behavioral Scientists have often proven that these stress free moments go a long way in marking the difference between a good employee and a sluggish one.

After someone is forced to do something repeatedly the brain zones out and external stimuli doesn’t register well, that affects the productivity of a person. These frequent breaks bring back the mind to a state of normalcy which fosters new creative ideas. There have been a multitude of tests and experiments where two groups were asked to do the same thing again and again- one without any breaks, and another one with chicken wings and pizza breaks! In every experiment the group with the frequent breaks outperformed the other group. The best stimulus for an employee is the one which is not from work and workloads. In most repeated tests, measurable productivity rose to as high as 20%.

So the next thing you should be doing now is getting into your office to see if your employees are taking breaks often or not! If not, ask them- Why not!.

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