4 Interesting Uses of Leftover Pizza Sauce

Does pizza excite you? Of course, it does! Those mouth-watering flat round bread filled with your favourite toppings, sauce, and an enormous amount of varieties of cheese. Pizzas have gained a huge popularity for being the favourite past time snacks. So you can both go and dine-in your favourite pizza joint or avail pizza delivery services in New York. You can even prepare homemade pizzas. So, if you are left with lots of unused pizza sauce, you must have wondered what it can be used for? Right! Take a look:

1. Barbecue your meat – You will be delighted if you are a non-vegetarian that braising your meat with the leftover pizza sauce can enhance the rich taste of your meat. Just let the chicken breasts soak in the pizza sauce and bake it for 45 minutes and the tastiest meat is ready for you to gorge on. You can even garnish the meat with sautéed vegetables and peppers. You can even use that leftover pizza sauce for making meatball sandwiches.

2. Turn your sauce into salsa – Don’t you love to have salsa dip accompanied with crispy and spicy snacks? Then just add two spoons of lime juice, some marinara with hot sauce, black beans, and chopped red onion into your leftover pizza sauce and blend the ingredients until they are completely pureed. And you have your salsa to enjoy. Now your body is never going to be low on lycopene because salsa is a rich source of lycopene pigments.

3. Apply the leftover pizza sauce into pasta – You can also use leftover pizza sauce to blend your pasta. These sauces enhance the taste of your pasta and prevents you from the hassles of preparing new sauce for your pasta. Toss in some veggies with hot pizza sauce to get a colourful pasta dish at no time. Fill in your pasta with all the vegetables you love to eat to make it more mouth-watering. The non-vegetarians can also use chicken into their pasta to make it more rich and appetizing. You can even use the cooked pasta as a filling for your grilled sandwiches to make it more delicious.

4. Some Exquisite cocktails – You can also turn your pizza sauce into some pleasurable cocktails which you can serve to your guests and friends at a house party. It can be a delight for your alcoholic friends. Just add some vodka, water, and lots of lemon juice into the sauce and season it with celery salt and lemon. Viola! you are ready to go with Bloody Mary cocktails.

With these delicious and healthy ideas, your extra pasta sauce will never go unused. There are many other ways by which you can turn your leftover pizza sauce into delicacies; it’s just about your approach and preferences towards customizing your pizza sauce into mouth-watering foods and cocktails. So, treat yourself with delicious pizza by availing pizza delivery services in New York.

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