Pizza desserts or cheese cake – Which one is more delicious

You just had a good sized meal, and now you want something sweet to top it off for a great taste. There are many favourites, one of them being a cheese cake. One of the best desserts ever invented, the cheese cake is subtly simple yet lights up the palate. Cheese cake has been a favourite at dinner tables throughout, and there are very few dished that can replace it.

How about a pizza?

A pizza as a desert sounds weird, but that it is only to people who haven’t experimented with pizzas enough to realise how great of a desert can be made of pizzas. While cheese cakes are great, their taste is very one dimensional and leaves very less to mess around with. However, for a dessert pizza, there is so much that you can try – you are limited only by the contents of your fridge.

The easiest idea of all being fruits. A fruity pizza doesn’t sound good for lunch but a cold, fruity pizza as a dessert is just marvellous. There are many fruits that go along very well with the cheesy base of pizza. While pineapples are usually a bad idea in pizzas, a dessert pizza can put the pineapples to good use. A tropical dessert pizza can provide a citrus and sweetness filled punch by including pineapples, grapes and mangoes.

For people with a sweet tooth, go to the berries. A strawberry or a raspberry pizza, along with apples, is a heavenly experience for anyone who likes to eat sweets. Such pizzas are not only good for the desserts, but they can also balance the spicy taste of the main course. Also, they are loaded with essential nutrients that a regular pepperoni pizza won’t provide. To make it even better, a layer of jam can be substituted in place of the extra cheese, giving it a really creamy texture, and such a pizza after cooling would be a feast for all.

Another such unconventional combination is chocolate and berries. While chocolate by itself may not get the job done, chocolate and berries together form a great combination. The bitterness of chocolate is very well balanced by the sweetness of berries, and this pizza, if executed perfectly, can beat any dessert on any day in terms of taste and texture.

Not taking anything away from cheese cakes, but it is time we mix up and try to be a little more innovative with our desserts. In fact, such freaky combinations can be found in many pizza shops in New York and all around the world. Make sure that you cap off a meal in style by adding a pizza as a dessert.

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