5 Sure Shot Tips To Make Homemade Pizza Better

Many people think that it is difficult to make pizza at home, just because most of them don’t have a wood-fired microwave that can reach 900 degrees temperatures easily. But you can make a tasty pizza with the equipment you have at your home. Making your own yummy pizza at home is a perfect way to reduce fat and calories as well as add some good nutrients and flavor by selecting your favorites toppings.

So, roll up your sleeves and get ready for five sure shots tips to make your homemade pizza better and healthier.

1. Select a good flavored sauce

Yes, the sauce is not the first thing about when you are making a pizza at home, but it is a very important part of the whole process. A well-flavored sauce with fresh spices, herbs, and other ingredients can add a yummy flavor to your homemade pizza. The best thing is you do not have to put on extra cheese and other high-calorie toppings to your pizza.

2. Prepare your own dough

If you seriously want a delicious pizza, you have to involve to take matters into your hands. For making a superior homemade pizza mix together yeast, flour, food oil and hot water for a perfect crust. Remember when it comes to mixing the dough, the less is more. You can also add two or three tablespoons of sugar to activate the yeast and makes the crust crispier. Pizza doughs are great if you keep it in the refrigerator overnight before baking.

3. Less cheese

Undoubtedly pizza without cheese is boring, but a majority of fat and extra calories come from cheese. So, if you want to balance your diet and enjoy the food at the same time instead of spreading out the cheese, diving the crust into two parts and adding cheese to one part is a good idea. Now you can have a slice of both parts and enjoy your healthy pizza.

4. Avoid overtopping

And when it comes to toppings, don’t overdress your pizza.Remember that simplicity is the best policy. You have spent so much time preparing the dough, so don’t let it hide under the toppings. Put only a few quality ingredients like seasonal vegetables, mozzarella or fresh basil when decorating your pizza crust.

5. Make sure the oven is hot

To make a tasty pizza at home your oven should be at least at more than 400 degrees F if you want the crust to bake and get brown quickly. If your oven is not at the required temperature it will fail to take the moisture out from the crust and the toppings will make the crust sloppy and soggy.

Now you have all amazing tips to make your homemade pizza better. No doubt pizza is one of everyone’s all time favorite food, but like anything, it can get a little tiring if you are making it at home especially in winters. So, what are you waiting for order online and get the delivery of your favorite pizza at your doorstep from New York Pizza, the best pizza shop in New York.

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