Our New York-Style Pizza Place Highlights The History Of Pizza

We all love pizza. Whether you’re vegetarian, pro-meat, gluten-free, or anything else, nothing can quite top the fresh combination of flavors provided by your favorite type of pie. Over the centuries, this meal has evolved to deliver the right taste for every individual, and we believe that our New-York style pizzas are the apex of this evolution.

New York Pizza in San Mateo and Palo Alto is here to deliver the perfect meal for your entire family. Our pizza places across Silicon Valley rely on fresh ingredients and proven recipes to ensure that you are left with a hankering for future orders. We proudly provide vegan and gluten-free pizza options, and will deliver a hot pie right to your doorstep.

Before you order from our top-rated pizza restaurant, it may help to understand more about pizza’s humble beginnings. Today, we’ll briefly highlight the history of pizza. We know that you’ll start craving a delicious dish for yourself, so be sure to check out our menu before ordering online today!

Humble Origins

Before delicious New York-style pizza was a thing (or New York, for that matter), bakers as early as 7,000 years ago made bread and adorned it with toppings to enhance the flavor. Evidence has been found of Persian soldiers through the sixth century under King Darius I relying on cheese and dates to bake onto their bread for a satisfying meal. Around that same time, poor Greeks relied on inexpensive ways to eat bread in a convenient manner, often relying on toppings such as tomatoes, oil, anchovies, garlic, and more. Around 1889, Queen Margherita visited the city of Naples to try this dish to mix up her regular food routine. Once she fell in love with the delicious combination of mozzarella cheese, basil, and tomatoes, pizza began to become a popular choice for everyone.

It’s important to note that several cultures across the globe relied on some version of pizza for convenient, delicious meals. Roman Jews were said to consume pizzarelle, a cookie used for Passover. Roman soldiers adapted this staple and added olive oil and cheese to create their own version of pizza. Various versions of flatbread were utilized throughout the world and topped with fresh ingredients, including countries such as China, India, Finland, Germany, France, and more.

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Bring on the Tomatoes!

Many historians believe that tomato sauce was the glue needed to create what we now consider pizza. Imported from the Americas in the 16th century, Europeans distrusted this red fruit (Yup, it’s a fruit!). However, poor residents across Italy implemented this nightshade into their bread as a quality substitute. From there, pizza became a smash hit, resulting in dozens of pizzerias across Naples. Over the next 300 years, pizza evolved to become a global sensation, with innovators being so bold as to add toppings such as pineapple.

Pizza in the United States

The late 1800s saw an influx of pizza places in America because of the increasing number of Italian immigrants. Many proprietors sold pizza by the slice up and down the streets of major cities such as Chicago and New York City, spreading the word about this delicious menu option. Often marketed as “tomato pies,” pizza remained a steadfast staple for Italian families across the United States. It’s important to keep in mind that most Americans were not aware of the stellar flavor offered by pizza restaurants of the time.

Post-War Popularity

World War II brought a big boost to pizza’s popularity. Allied troops begin to occupy Italy in September of 1943, introducing many soldiers to a local food favorite. Many veterans fell in love with the hot, fresh flavor of pizza, and came home with an appreciation for this dynamic dish.

As the ‘40s continued, more and more Americans began to realize just how amazing pizza could be in the comfort of their own homes. Pizza places started to pop up across the country, with chain restaurants coming into their own during the 1950s.

Pizza Today

Our modern society relies on pizza as a delicious staple for families of all cultures, backgrounds, and economic statuses. Most sources will tell you that 350 pizza slices are sold every second in America, which is a staggering statistic! Pizza.com cites that 94 percent of Americans eat pizza regularly, and we consume around 2.52 million pounds of pepperoni annually! With these statistics, it should be easy to see why pizza restaurants are such a popular choice for every meal!

Visit Our Pizzeria

New York Pizza is proud of the history that our food has forged, and our pizza places in Silicon Valley are here to put centuries of innovation and flavor right on your plate. You can check out our online menu for pizza by the slice, or go big with our King Kong size. No matter your choice, you’ll leave our restaurant feeling full. Contact us today to learn more about our NY-style pizzas, and be sure to check out our menu for the freshest sides and most refreshing beverages!

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