4 dishes you can make with your leftover pizza

Pizza is one of the most beloved food of americans but at the same time it is the only food which end up in fridge for several days. Pizza is awesome and all time favourite to have, it is a party saver, a break up friend, gossip filler and what not?

No doubt, it is the only dish which can be eaten anytime in any condition and doesn’t need any kind of retouch to it even after left alone in fridge or in kitchen for few days. Whenever it comes to pizza we order bigger size to enjoy the taste of that cheese to its most.

At last, we end up with leftovers of pizza which we don’t know what to do with next day. So, what if i say now you can order as big as you want and utilize the leftover by making some delicious recipes out of it?

Yes! So we tried some combinations and finally came up with some awesome flavours that pleased our taste buds like never before

curious to know? Let’s have a look

1. Chinese rolls

Most of you are probably thinking that this combination can never go well together. But trust me this little experimentation with pizza turned out appetizing and mesmerizing for us. So start with taking out your leftover pizza from refrigerator and just spread your favourite chinese appetizer all over it. Then the top most layer with cheese, roll it over and bake for 10 mins. Try this and trust me it taste wonderful.

2. Make quizza

Some people look at this combination as bizarre because egg and pizza don’t go side by side according to some. But, in many places i have seen restaurants who just dip small part of pizza with egg right before few seconds left for baking. Let’s just try once! Cover your pizza with egg and bake it from both side till it get crispy. It taste good when your pizza consist of toppings like italian sauce, pepperoni, bacon, sundried tomatoes etc.

3. Pizza salad

What can make salad better than pizza right? Now, you can make your own pizza croutons. You’re going to add pizza in your salad to make it tastier. Just cut the pizza crust and slice it into croutons size and mix them with some greens. If you like hot then, bake it from both the side until they reach to the level where they become totally crisp. Add barbecue sauce, buffalo sauce, bacon tomatoes to feel awesomeness of it.

4. Pizza lasagna

The lasagna share similar taste and texture with pizza as both are italian dishes. You can simply make lasagna by just adding pepperoni and sausage to your recipe. Exchange your tomato sauce with pizza sauce to actually feel the difference. It is best when you are having plain cheese pizza leftover as you can completely transform the pizza into lasagna.

What can be better than this right? Enjoy your heavenly dish at night and do innovations with its leftover next day. Craving bells? Get the delivery of your cheesy pizza at your doorstep from one the best pizza shop in new york.

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