5 Reasons Eating Pizza is Healthy For You

Pizzas are one of the tastiest delicacy that people indulge in. Almost everyone love pizzas, although in different tastes, flavours and varying degree of cheese and toppings. They savour your taste buds with the yummy gooeyness and the crunchy crust with a delicious flavour to go along with. The popularity of pizza is undeniable and there aren’t much people who don’t like it. Pizza serves your appetite in the most delicious, crunchy and delectable manner.

Pizza has been frowned upon in terms of health concerns as it’s known as a fast food which is not good for our arteries. But it’s not right as pizza do serves our health by providing antioxidants to our body, helps in absorbing lycopene better among many others. Although there are some grease laden varieties that are not too good for our health, pizza serves our health in the following ways:

Lowers the Risk of Heart Disease

Pizzas are adorned with many toppings catering to each individual’s needs and wants. Tomatoes are one of the dominant toppings in a pizza and the ingredient of sauce which is rich in lycopene. It is a special antioxidant and is believed to help prevent heart diseases among many other health issues. It’s been stated by some studies that food that contains lycopene, when consumed with a bit of fat or oil, are best metabolized. This combination suppose to help the intestines absorb this lycopene more efficiently. So, your tomato sauce rich pizza works in favour to your body.

Lot of Antioxidants Present

Antioxidants are known for their health supporting and cancer fighting properties. They are found in vegetarian pizzas which are topped with spinach, artichokes, green peppers and tomato sauce and are rich in antioxidants. Vegetarian pizzas are a great way to maintain your health through antioxidants while too much pepperoni and sausage may not be good for your health. So, it’s obvious that your health is all relative to the toppings.

Helps Fight Cancer

As it’s been described earlier tomato sauce is rich in lycopene and a potent antioxidant which is also present in many other toppings. This helps in preventing the cancer along with protecting you from heart diseases also. The lycopene element works best when the pizza is hot and well in moderation. So, You can enjoy a new york pizza all warm and hot in slices.

Boosts Immunity

The sauce of pizza is really good for you health in many ways. The sauce is loaded with vitamin C which is great for your body to fight or prevent illness. It’s also been recommended to add oregano to your pizza sauce as it is rich in carvacrol which can protect your liver and promotes balanced sugar along with boosting your immunity. It is all about adding the right ingredients, after all.

Promotes Social Behaviour while being Good for Your Soul

We usually enjoy pizza with our partners, friends or with groups. It is one of those food which are best enjoyed with people as eating pizza with friends or a lover will provide you with a fine dose of oxytocin which is a bonding hormone. It’s a fact that if you eat that you like and want to indulge in, your body and brain are happy and releases happy chemicals that promotes well being and enjoyment of life. So, call up your friends and enjoy a couple of slice of new york pizza with them with a sense of gratitude and elation.

Pizza do serves health benefits but you have to make use of common sense and indulge in pizza moderately as in a couple of slices a week to maintain your health and enjoy the deliciousness of it. You can have that cheesy, crunchy and yummy slice of pizza, here at New York Pizza in san mateo. You may contact us to order online and get a healthy dose of an amazing pizza.

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