How to create your own delicious pizza

How To Create Your Own Delicious Pizza

Pizzas are a favourite meal prefered by people of all age groups. There is hardly anyone on Earth who can say no to pizzas. Have you ever thought how did this delicious food get added to our diet?

Well, pizza’s history can be traced back to the 17th century. I will tell you the story about how modern pizzas got its existence from!

A Brief history of pizza

Though the actual origin of pizza is still shrouded with uncertainty, yet it is mostly believed to have been originated in Italy. It all began in Naples when the poor section of the society began to take their yeast based flat breads with tomato toppings. Thus was invented the modern pizza!

Gradually pizzas underwent modifications with the legend narrating the fact that the archetypal pizza, Pizza Margherita was invented in 1889. Queen Margherita prefered to take her pizza with toppings in the form of the Italian flag: tomato (red), basil (green), mozzarella (white). Thus this kind of pizza was rechristened as Pizza Margherita.

With time, this delicious dish became famous throughout the world and in the 1930s made its first appearance in the United States. When the world was going through Great Depression, the Italian ‘pie’ was making appearance in the priority list of the food lovers. Nowadays, the pizza have become so much popular throughout the world that various dishes have been based upon it.

Ways to create your own pizza

There are two ways in which you can prepare your own pizza. The first one is to do it all by yourself at home and the second way is to drop in at an outlet of New York Pizza. I will tell you how!

Preparing pizza at home- If you love cooking and have the time to make a pizza at home, just go for it. You can prepare your own dough or can get a readymade one from the market. Add mozzarella cheese and your favourite toppings and bake it. There you go, your pizza is ready to munch on!

Preparing pizza at New York Pizza– If you are among those lazy ones who do not like to get up and cook, don’t worry we have a solution for that too and you do not have to compromise on your love for your favourite pizza. All you need to do is go to the outlet and choose a combination of your favourite toppings and sauce.

All pizza here are made from the traditional New York style crust and believe me they are more delicious than you can imagine. They offer a variety of topping choices like bacon, black olives, fresh garlic, basil, mushroom, onion etc. The dressings include Italian, blue cheese, Balsamic Vinaigrette, sour cream etc. Even you get the option to choose your own sauce! The options include homemade alfredo sauce, BBQ sauce, garlic white sauce, marinara sauce, pesto sauce and so on.

Feeling hungry already? What are you waiting for? Go and grab your favourite impeccable pizzas at our San Mateo outlet! You can also order online!

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