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We all love pizza. Whether you’re vegetarian, pro-meat, gluten-free, or anything else, nothing can quite top the fresh combination of flavors provided by your favorite type of pie. Over the centuries, this meal has evolved to deliver the right taste for every individual, and we believe that our New-York style pizzas are the apex of this evolution.

New York Pizza in San Mateo and Palo Alto is here to deliver the perfect meal for your entire family. Our pizza places across Silicon Valley rely on fresh ingredients and proven recipes to ensure that you are left with a hankering for...


There are numerous aspects that must be fulfilled in order to live a healthy and happy life, one of which happens to be food. The main source of nutrition for living beings is food and water. While plants synthesize their own food materials, we humans are completely dependent on the plants and other animals for our food. The primary purpose of eating and drinking happens to be nutrition, yet most of the people today eat to satisfy their taste buds. There are multiple vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes consumed by numerous individuals on day to day basis. Pizza is an Italian food item...


If there is one food item with which we can’t break up and move on from, it is the one and only pizza. Whenever we, as humans, see a delicious New York-style pizza, we just put our hands down and surrender our stomach to it, no matter the consequences. It doesn't matter if we are on a diet or completely full, a fresh, hot pizza is hard to beat.

It is heaven on Earth — pizza is there for us at every point of life, from breakup nights to Friday get-togethers, it never lets us down. Who doesn’t love pizza? If you say you don’t, then we're going to assume you’re lying.

That smell...


Pizza is the dish that brings out the joy in all of us. Whether it is one loaded with cheese or filled with delicious spices, a good pizza can light up anyone's day.

While some choices of flavors and toppings are instant favorites, others aren’t that good. Still, that doesn’t stop people from experimenting with flavors and spices on their pizzas, and while most of them end up in the trash, there are some that end up becoming favorites among the masses. If you're looking for something different in San Mateo or Palo Alto, our pizza places in Silicon Valley have the perfect combination...


Pizza is probably the most popular food around the world. You can find hundreds of pizza varieties with numerous pizza toppings. Some of these toppings are good and some are great, but if we talk about the best pizza topping, then most pizza lovers tend to boast about the flavor of chicken. To prove our point, we are sharing four reasons that explain why chicken makes a great pizza topping.

If you're ready to taste the full medley of flavor for yourself, be sure to check out our NY-style pizza places in Silicon Valley. New York Pizza is here to deliver the freshest and most...


Many people think that it is difficult to make pizza at home, just because most of them don’t have a wood-fired microwave that can reach 900 degrees temperatures easily. But you can make a tasty pizza with the equipment you have at your home. Making your own yummy pizza at home is a perfect way to reduce fat and calories as well as add some good nutrients and flavor by selecting your favorites toppings.

So, roll up your sleeves and get ready for five sure shots tips to make your homemade pizza better and healthier.

1. Select a good flavored sauce

Yes, the...


Italy gave us one of the most delicious appetizer “pizza” and i love them for being so kind to the world. giving away their mouth watering dish to entire globe is something we are going to cherish forever.

I can eat pizza anytime, anywhere at any condition without thinking twice. Mexican style pizza is my beloved one and i love new york for such a creativity. Pizza is very much addictive and i can’t imagine life without it.

We wait entire week just to eat those heavenly slices of pizza in weekends, so those who do not think it is the dish specially dropped from heaven for...


Pizza is one of the most beloved food of americans but at the same time it is the only food which end up in fridge for several days. Pizza is awesome and all time favourite to have, it is a party saver, a break up friend, gossip filler and what not?

No doubt, it is the only dish which can be eaten anytime in any condition and doesn’t need any kind of retouch to it even after left alone in fridge or in kitchen for few days. Whenever it comes to pizza we order bigger size to enjoy the taste of that cheese to its most.

At last, we end up with leftovers of pizza which we don’t know...


Sometimes you don’t realize how bad drinking the wrong drink can be for your health and overall diet. As your body is made up to 80 percent of water, it is essential that you get enough fluids during the day to function properly! Water is safe and healthiest drink for sure and no drink can beat it. But you will be surprised to know that there are more options you can enjoy with added health benefits!

Having healthy food is essential if you want to stay well and feel good, but choosing the right beverages you want to consume is equally as important. Fortunately, there are other...


As doctor Sheldon Cooper says, “Particle accelerators are like pizzas; even the worst ones pretty good.”

There is no food as popular throughout the world as pizza. A birthchild of Italian cuisine, it has made its home in every nation across the globe. It has won millions of hearts especially in America, where it has become synonymous with the culture. There are now hundreds of outlets that offer pizza delivery San Francisco, and many pizza chains throughout New York pizza San Francisco.

Pizza has evolved throughout the ages. There are many classic recipes that everyone loves,...


You just had a good sized meal, and now you want something sweet to top it off for a great taste. There are many favourites, one of them being a cheese cake. One of the best desserts ever invented, the cheese cake is subtly simple yet lights up the palate. Cheese cake has been a favourite at dinner tables throughout, and there are very few dished that can replace it.

How about a pizza?

A pizza as a desert sounds weird, but that it is only to people who haven’t experimented with pizzas enough to realise how great of a desert can be made of pizzas. While cheese...


Any pizza is incomplete without its toppings and mushrooms have become one of the widely used toppings for any type of pizza across the globe. It not only complements the other toppings like meat, cheese, onions, olives etc. but each type of mushrooms have their own flavor.

There are many varieties of mushrooms out of which the four – Portobello, Chanterelles, Porcini and Truffle are being widely used to exalt the taste of pizzas. Mushrooms are one of the most nutritious toppings, which is not only source for Vitamin C and protein but also boosts your immune system.

If ever you...


Nothing can make you happy than a delicious food. Talking of the food is as delicious as the foods are. You will love to know that there’s more to add in your perfect meal to enjoy your dinner. The starter is the most important part of your meal to give you a cheesy smile and fill your mouth with irresistible crave. A platter with your favourite appetizer will ultimately push you to grab it first. You will definitely add these 5 superb and healthy appetizers in your menu. Let’s discuss about these yummy appetizers and make each one your favourite one.



No, i’am not going to say every single person on this globe love pizza instead iam assuring you guys that we all are obsessed over pizza way beyond anything. Literally pizza is the only dish that we all can eat anytime, anywhere even with a full stomach consisting no space for candy least.

Everyone just keep bugging us don’t eat pizza you will get fat or try something else for a change blah blah blah. And we finally reach to the point where we are tired of ignoring all these comments from friends and family members. They are still not understanding our cravings for heavenly cheesy...


Pizza is one of our favourite foods to binge on. It is one of the most popular dishes, all around the world. Although it has its origins in Italy, people from every corner of the world know and love a good pizza. When it comes to pizza, there are uncountable varieties that you can choose from. People have created their own versions of pizza, with different toppings and different sauces. Pizza delivery service in Palo Alto provides numerous options when it comes to sauces and toppings.

Although tomato sauce is one of the most popular additions in the traditional pizza, you can...


Pizza is one of the best-loved fast foods around the world, for all the age groups. Everyone loves to eat pizza, from a 12- year old boy to a 60-year old woman; everyone loves to enjoy a slice of delicious pizza with their friends and family. Due to the popularity of pizza, more and more pizza joints are available in the market. That means a lot of options for all pizza lovers! So, if you like non veg pizza, here is a list of toppings:

1. Salami-

Salamy as a topping on your pizza gives a meaty, salty and smoky flavor to your taste buds.The moist and chewiness...


Does pizza excite you? Of course, it does! Those mouth-watering flat round bread filled with your favourite toppings, sauce, and an enormous amount of varieties of cheese. Pizzas have gained a huge popularity for being the favourite past time snacks. So you can both go and dine-in your favourite pizza joint or avail pizza delivery services in New York. You can even prepare homemade pizzas. So, if you are left with lots of unused pizza sauce, you must have wondered what it can be used for? Right! Take a look:

1. Barbecue your meat – You will be delighted if you are a...


We all have our favorite food or flavors because of certain ingredients. If we get the same flavor in other foods, we try that, and most of the time we enjoy it as well. If you are a cheese lover and doesn’t know what kind of food options can always be good for you then pizza is definitely the best choice for you. And if you want to know why pizzas are best for cheese lovers, take a look:

1. Amazing

Without any doubt, pizza is one of the most delicious foods that you can get around the world. The best thing about pizza is that you can rarely go wrong with it....


When it comes to eating healthy, salads are the most accessible option to go for. They are easy to prepare and are packed with a lot of rich nutrients that are good for your skin and health. So when this is your go-to meal for that healthy punch in the day, you have to make sure that you are doing all the right things in its preparation to maintain its health quality. A finely dressed salad can add a lot of flavors and increase its health quotient. So be more experimental with these ideas while preparing your salad next time.

Make it more colorful

When trying...


Workplace is often filled with stress and can almost nullify one’s creativity in many cases. Doing things again and again may increase productivity to some extent, but at the cost of creativity. Most workplaces and a good number of companies have toiled behind tackling this aspect of offices.

How to turn bored employees to spurring work machines? The answer lies in probably the most unexpected place one can imagine- The pizza. Well not per se the Pizza alone, but the entire effort that goes behind eating one. Employees sitting together and biting on the pizza, discussing their day...


A round thing that comes in a square box and is cut out in triangle while eating; yes, you guessed it right; it is Pizza. Who doesn’t love a pizza? I guess we will never really find an answer to that. And, there is this one thing which is a must with pizza and that is tomato.

Be it the tomato ketchup or topping it is a must have ingredient in pizza.

Pizza and tomato toppings are a great combination and if you are a pizza lover or a foodie then it might even be your favourite topping. And, the best place to find a pizza is Pizza in San Carlos. They have the most amazing pizza...


Well, if your friends group has both vegans and meat lovers, then you must be aware of the struggle between the two parties on choosing the menu for lunch or dinner. It’s like a never ending war between fork or knife, chicken came first or the egg and so on. Every time the plan for lunch date or dinner date with friends comes up, the fight starts between the vegans and the meat lovers.

Well, we have an amazing idea to put an end to this fight forever. Why not try out pizza, which has both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Below are the reasons why pizzas are a favourite of both...


Lunch dates with your partner needs to be essentially special. Things cannot go wrong on a lunch date or else your partner or your new love interest will lose all the heed in you. You of course don’t want that right? There are plenty of options to organize the perfect lunch date, but we are here with a few ideas with which you can never go wrong! Read on.

1. Find out what your date likes

The first question that may strike you is to which restaurant should you take your date? What does she/he like? If you have tried hard to find your date’s favourite food and...


There is no doubt that pizza is everyone’s favourite and none of us actually like to waste even a small bit of pizza. There is no end to learning and guess what we are here to teach you with a few hacks that will help you get the most out of your delicious pizza.

1. Make Plates out of the Pizza box

Whether you order pizza for a party or for your family dinner, why take the hassle of washing the plates after munching on your favourite pizza, when you have the great option of turning the box into a plate. All you need to do is tear the squares and your cardboard...


Is your friend’s or partner’s birthday just around the corner and you are stressed out about the menu and the budget? Well, the best way to get rid of this stress is to serve pizza slices for your next birthday party. No matter whether you are hosting the party for someone else or it’s your birthday, pizza slices are the best delicacy that you can serve.

There are so many reasons for this and here we have listed the most important ones. Read on!

1. Everyone loves pizza

Whether your guests are young, aged or kids, pizza is such a delicacy which everyone...


The crunchy crust, the cheesy layer sitting on its top and the mouth watering veggies, meat and yummy sauces being the toppings are sure to make anyone’s mouth water. Right? We all have a love for pizza, whether we admit it or not. It is such a handy delicacy that we can eat it anytime, anywhere and on all occasions.

But, a pizza is incomplete without it’s lifeline- the cheese. Be it mozzarella or provolone, cheesy pizzas are the choice for people of all age groups. Well, have you thought what makes the cheese so important for a pizza? We are here to answer your doubt.



It is said that the way to a person’s heart is through satisfying the stomach with some good food. What can be better than sandwiches when it comes to keeping the menu simple, yet unique. People have different preferences for sandwiches as there are numerous options available. With so many choices from toppings, meat and spreads, it often becomes difficult to choose the right one for our taste buds. Birthday parties seem dry without some yummy cakes and sandwiches.

Here we have picked up the 5 best options on sandwiches that you can include in your birthday party...


A slice of pizza can make anything fine! Don’t you agree my fellow pizza lovers? There are so many varieties, flavors and aromas to choose from and enjoy. There is always something different to relish and make your day better. It not only makes our day but also has a number of ways to enjoy it.

Toppings are what makes our pizzas all the more healthy and happening. So, let’s talk about toppings today! Exciting, right!

There is your standard tomato sauce and onions but you can get creative and funky with toppings that will spice up your next slice of pizza for sure. So, let’s get...


Appetizers complement any kind of meal, be it dinner or lunch. Appetizers can tantalize your taste buds and have the power to make you crave for more food.To be precise, these are the first taste of the meal. Whether you are on a dinner date or hosting a party at home, you need some good tasty appetizers to make the main course of the meal more enjoyable.

Though the option on appetizers is numerous, we have listed the best ones that can make a great start to your meal.

BBQ Wings

The name BBQ wings itself seems so yummy! You can order BBQ wings as your...


Parties and good food are the best ways you can relax at your workplace. Workload, meetings, clients and all those pending work schedules really eat up a lot of our time. In between work, the office culture allows the employees to have some fun by hosting parties. If your office to is organizing a party for the promotion of an employee or for any festival or a colleague’s birthday, perhaps the best food that can complement the party is undoubtedly the “ PIZZA ”.

Fun, frolic and pizza can add up the spice in your office party. How? Well, here we will tell you the reasons why pizzas...


Are you a big fan of pasta? Well, everyone has a special place in their heart for this delicious platter of food. Be it the aromatic Parmesan or marinara sauce, the perfect blend with lasagna, meatballs, spaghetti or cheese tortellini or the heady mixture of spices, everything adds to its mouthwatering taste. It is not only tasty and simple but also healthy.

Pasta has been the most popular fast food around the globe for years. It is a meal in itself that is the perfect way to have a small celebration, a date or simply to enjoy the food. A delectable platter of pasta is all you need,...


If you are interested in keeping a healthy diet, green salads are your best bet! Even composed from a few ingredients, it makes a nutrient-rich meal. It is one of the simplest and most healthy habits you can adopt. The green salad has lots of iron, calcium, vitamins and potassium. Eating salads is actually a convenient way to work in a couple of servings of fruits and vegetables in your meal.

Not only green salads are good for your health but also crunchy and fun to eat. You can even have them customized to include the fruits and vegetables that you like. Adding low calories and high...


Pizzas, no doubt occupies the top most position in the priority list, when it comes to organizing house parties or any other occasion. These are so great, convenient and comes with various options. Hence, you can choose a different kind of pizzas for different occasions. But, if you are unsure about where to start from, do not worry as we are here with a few tips that can be your savior for all the parties you host. Here it goes-

House Party with friends

Calling your friends over to your place this weekend? Not sure of what to treat them with? Well, here we...


Every event, be it a family gathering, a birthday party or an anniversary needs something delicious to sweeten up the moment. What can be better than some good dessert to make the event sweet. With a variety of options available at your disposal from cupcakes to cheese cakes, desserts are surely the recipes to make your event a gala affair.

But what to choose? Lemon tarts, or cheesecakes, chocolate cakes or muffins, rhubarb pie or eggnog? One thing that goes with every event is cakes. But even cakes are available in a hundred different types. If you are confused to let us help you...


Mini hungers are something which bothers us often. But satisfying these mini hungers are not easy as it is difficult to choose what to eat. But, here we have come up with a few delicious snacking ideas, which can be your companion to satisfy those food cravings. Read on!

1. The all time favorite pizza

Pizzas are a favorite of all generations and you get so many choices in this particular dish. Pizzas are the best for satisfying the mini hungers as these contain healthy vegetable toppings, a delicious crunchy crust and mouth watering cheese. You get so many...


Pizzas are a favorite dish among most of the people throughout the world. These are a great option to munch on during lunch hours, on a date or on sleepovers. But, did you know that pizza acts as a great option for a house party as well? Yes, with the pizza you can host a great and a memorable house party, which your friends will enjoy.

There are a few reasons which make the pizza the best choice for the mentioned parties. Here goes the list

1. Perfect for any time and occasion

Pizzas are such a great delicacy that can be eaten at any time, either for...


Planning to throw a pizza party for your friends? Well, already your mouth must have started watering by just imagining the super crunchy base with mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce and your favourite toppings. Just imagine the cheese oozing out when you take your first bite. Okay…I will not arouse the greed for pizza anymore. But, let me tell you, you need side dishes for your pizza party, which will compliment your evening with friends.

To make it more easy for you, let me give you a few suggestions that will act as the perfect pizza companion.



Pizzas are one of the tastiest delicacy that people indulge in. Almost everyone love pizzas, although in different tastes, flavours and varying degree of cheese and toppings. They savour your taste buds with the yummy gooeyness and the crunchy crust with a delicious flavour to go along with. The popularity of pizza is undeniable and there aren’t much people who don’t like it. Pizza serves your appetite in the most delicious, crunchy and delectable manner.

Pizza has been frowned upon in terms of health concerns as it’s known as a fast food which is not good for our arteries. But it’s...


Fast foods have become an important habit that we cannot really live without in today’s world. Yes, I am calling it a habit because, we tend to synonym it with snacking everyday. A profitable deal that always attracts us are when food joints advertise about combo meals. We almost run to grab it, thinking that it is very profitable.

But, my friend there are two sides of it. It is both profit and loss for us and profitable for the restaurants. Here are a list of pros and cons of combo meals. Let’s check it out.

Pros of combo meals

When you go to a...


Pizza parties can be conducted for every other occasion and it is not bound to any specific time or condition. It’s an all time meal. If you feel hungry, why you even need to think again. Go and get the pizza ordered. While ordering is not much of a hassle, this post is specifically written to give you an idea about the events on which you can conduct a pizza party. Here it goes.

1. Best friends’ break-up

It’ sad to hear that your friend had a break-up. But hey! this is not the end. Life goes on and on and what is better than consoling him while arranging a special and...


Pizzas are one of the best delicacies to munch on. The richly flavoured aroma with its crunchy crust oozing the cheese from its deepest corners is a treat for any foodie. They are available in multiple sized and varieties to best serve individual’s hunger and tastes. You can have it as a snack or for supper, at any time to feed your hunger as well as savour the spicy, delicious and oh so crispiness of it.

There are numerous pizza outlets available in the market that offers different types of pizza in new york in different flavours and styles that can make you feel starving just from...


No wonder revolution has brought some interesting additions to our lifestyle like those amazing cocktails and the super yummilicious Pizza. Each of the pizza lover would wish to praise Italians for inventing this exceptional taste and a delicious meal in the form of pizza.

Here we are with 4 reasons to thank the Italians for their amazing contribution to the taste buds of entire world by giving us the extremely irresistible flavors.

The cheeselicious base and toppings

Got a love for cheese? Opt for a pizza and enjoy the different varieties of cheese on...


How To Create Your Own Delicious Pizza

Pizzas are a favourite meal prefered by people of all age groups. There is hardly anyone on Earth who can say no to pizzas. Have you ever thought how did this delicious food get added to our diet?

Well, pizza’s history can be traced back to the 17th century. I will tell you the story about how modern pizzas got its existence from!

A Brief history of pizza

Though the actual origin of pizza is still shrouded with uncertainty, yet it is mostly believed to have been originated in Italy. It all...


Life goes on and on, things happen but one thing that hasn’t changed over the years is the love for pizza. People visit us and order variety of pizzas. One thing that we promise our customers is that our taste would always get better and better. The compliments that we get for our services have always motivated us to take our efforts to another level.

We recognize what people like, we understand how their taste buds respond to flavors. We can say that apart from great cooking methodology and innovation in pizza making, there is always a thing that stands apart. It is their love for...


Whether your valentine’s day plans an intimate dinner at home or a romantic night in a restaurant, you will definitely want to be thoughtful of what is special on the menu- especially when you are wondering to get some action. Valentine’s day is just a few days away and we have come with some great pizza flavors ideas to make this valentine’s day unique and special for you and your beloved.

Pizza is one of the most preferred and liked fast food item in the entire world. Believe us, one look at the below mentioned exciting pizza flavors with other food items will set your partner’s...


Appetizers are food items are the things that keep us happy and alive. All the foodies or the food lovers in the world, are always in search of a new food item or appetizer to hook on too. Therefore,l we’ve prepared a list of top 6 appetizers that are a must try in this season. Mentioned below is the list of the appetizers: –

1. Boiled Peanut Hummus

Hummus is an exotic appetizer which is consumed at different types of events including marriage parties, receptions, birthdays etc. Unlike the regular hummus that is available in the restaurants, this hummus is...


Besides being flavors, pasta has a wide variety of health benefits like being cholesterol free, providing folic acid, and most important sustaining energy. Are you looking for more reasons to love pasta? Even if those are not enough reasons to eat pasta, it is one of those popular dishes that can be easily prepared in the variety of ways.

One of the greatest benefits of being in love with pasta is that you don’t have to date someone. Yummy pasta, one of the simplest pleasures of life. Many people enjoy eating pasta but only some are quite fond of it. A lot of people love it so much...


Planning on a trip in the most happening city of the entire world; New York city? There are innumerable things that are a must try in the city but one thing that stands apart from all is the New York parties. If you are planning to visit the city anytime sooner, then we would totally suggest you to pack your best dancing shoes and party in the city. Some of the below mentioned beverages will help you enhance your party experience in the New York city.

1. Vodka Cranberry

This drink works well for almost every person regardless of the drinking habits. It doesn’t...