Here are the ways you can dress a salad

When it comes to eating healthy, salads are the most accessible option to go for. They are easy to prepare and are packed with a lot of rich nutrients that are good for your skin and health. So when this is your go-to meal for that healthy punch in the day, you have to make sure that you are doing all the right things in its preparation to maintain its health quality. A finely dressed salad can add a lot of flavors and increase its health quotient. So be more experimental with these ideas while preparing your salad next time.

Make it more colorful

When trying to do something different the first step is to ditch the basics. You can go for options in vegetables and fruits which you would not generally prefer on the top of your green leafy romaine. Go for cucumber, radishes, jicama, bell peppers. Think out of the box.

Go nuts

No, not literally! Adding nuts to your salads can give it a different flavor altogether while adding a hint of health to it. Nuts not only can be an excellent addition for the extra punch of nutrition but also make the salad more filling. The nuts you can add to your salad are walnuts, peanuts or almonds.

Keep it sweet

A little hint of sweetness can perk up your salad a notch higher. Just see that you do not add the conventional sweetener in your salad like sugar cubes. Honey is a good option to go for, but you can also add fruits for natural sweet flavors.

Make it more smooth

Adding smooth creams can also be a good twist to your salad. The crushed avocado or natural cream will do the work for you. You can also go for options like winter squash or roasted beets. A creamy salad is ready to savor your taste buds, sounds interesting, right!

Cheesy affair

Adding in a bit of cheese makes the salad more interesting. Be careful though as this is one element you cannot go too easy with, as too much cheese can turn your healthy salad into an unhealthy meal. So a little cheddar, feta or the swiss are the options you can go for. You can also toss some olives or pickles to add some tangy edge.

Bring in the protein

Yes, when you have decided to go for a healthy meal now, why leave out this essential nutrient aside. Bring in your grilled chicken, or boiled shrimp and add that to your salad. Add your favorite protein source at the top and enjoy it. This addition can turn your salad from just a snack to a full fledged meal. So why skip a healthy meal, when it is easy to come by.


There are end number of ways that you can opt for when it comes to experimenting with your food. Just be sure that you keep the health points in mind. Salads also are prone to go from a super healthy to super caloric with just one mistake. There are many versions of salads which do look like salads but serves more to your tasting buds and less to your health. So be smart about it. Order your very own healthy salad right away!

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