Your Meal Is Incomplete Without These 5 Delicious Appetizers

Nothing can make you happy than a delicious food. Talking of the food is as delicious as the foods are. You will love to know that there’s more to add in your perfect meal to enjoy your dinner. The starter is the most important part of your meal to give you a cheesy smile and fill your mouth with irresistible crave. A platter with your favourite appetizer will ultimately push you to grab it first. You will definitely add these 5 superb and healthy appetizers in your menu. Let’s discuss about these yummy appetizers and make each one your favourite one.

1. Bread Sticks

This super crispy and crunchy appetizer is baked of yeast dough in a pencil-sized shape with the mixed of some healthy vegetables. The sprinkling of Parmesan cheese adds more yumm to its taste. If you are a hater of spice, well! You need to give a second thought as this spicy breadstick will make you fall in love with its taste. New York Pizza has been experimenting with its recipe to make it more tasty and delicious so that with every order you get the different taste to love it more. You can not afford to miss this fresh food in your meal.

2. Calamari

All non-veg lovers please give attention to this super delicious appetizer named “Calamari”! Made of mainly squid with added flour is the absolute choice for your dinner. You can enjoy three types of calamari such as fried calamari, a cajun style calamari and grilled calamari; an added butter will definitely make your meal- A Happy Meal. This will make you crave for more but hold-on as the rest of the part of your meal is awaited.

3. French Fries

How can we forget this common yet attractive appetizer in our every dinner or lunch? This has the best of the tastes to make you the happiest person of the world. The long-sized with thin pieces, this french fries is made of potatoes and deep fried in oil. A crispy or soft and hot piece of french fries with ketchup is whenever served you, you can’t resist before you eat it.

4. BBQ Wings

Let the BBQ Wings start your dinner to end with a bright smile and filled stomach! Made of chicken by applying the salt, garlic, pepper, cayenne, sugar, and paprika, this will fill your mouth with the impeccable taste. There’s no chance that you will want to miss.

5. Cheesy Garlic Bread

Once you’re served with this delicious appetizer, you’ll hardly stop yourself from having it. This is made of bread, brushed with clove, garlic, oregano and perfectly toasted. Make this super delicious appetizer your “favourite one”.


Now, possibly you must have wanted to taste these starters/appetizers. To have the frequent twist on your tongue, New York Pizza has been serving its customers with tasty and innovative recipes. We have made it more easy to grab it by offering the online orders. For more information, please get in touch with us today!

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