4 new exotic flavors to take your pizza experience to another level

As doctor Sheldon Cooper says, “Particle accelerators are like pizzas; even the worst ones pretty good.”

There is no food as popular throughout the world as pizza. A birthchild of Italian cuisine, it has made its home in every nation across the globe. It has won millions of hearts especially in America, where it has become synonymous with the culture. There are now hundreds of outlets that offer pizza delivery San Francisco, and many pizza chains throughout New York pizza San Francisco.

Pizza has evolved throughout the ages. There are many classic recipes that everyone loves, but some that polarise people as well. However, there are some pizza flavours that don’t sound so delicious, but have to be tried to love them.

There are many such ‘exotic’ flavours that can be played with. Some of the best tasting recipes are:

1. Curry pizza:

Because why to add every spice separately when you can mix them up in a curry and use it for the garnish? While such a pizza might become a bit too messy if a lot of curry is added, the right amount of curry as a base to the cheese will be an absolute blast. The flavour goes the best with non vegetarian options, as little pieces of meat will absorb the flavour and the spices can be tasted in the meat as well.

2. Eggs and greens:

Egg is not the first thing that comes into your mind when you talk about pizza. It isn’t even in the top 15 things that would come to your mind while having this Italian delicacy. It might not be popular, but it surely is damn good. Cracking up a few eggs over the base before putting it into the oven will spread out the yolk throughout, and can be a great source of proteins. It should be complemented to a vegetable pizza, with a good base for the egg to rest upon. This is a recipe which has been tried very few times, but has a great taste.

3. Chocolate pizza:

Probably the trickiest recipe of them all. Many people have tried to implement it, and many have gloriously failed. But that doesn’t mean that it won’t work; you just need to be careful with the way you make it. It is meant to be a dessert. The chocolate can be complemented with something sweet, like berries, or can be the standalone ingredient. If the bread absorbs chocolate enough and there is no gradient in the distribution, this one takes the cake away.

4. Cheese pockets:

How to make anything better – add more cheese. The outer crust is the most neglected part of the pizza, but if you can stuff some cheese inside it so that it makes a pocket while it is in the oven, you’d have a crust which is as tasty as the other parts. Spices can also be added as a compliment to the cheese. Dairy lovers would go gaga over it.

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