5 Exciting pizza flavours you should try this valentine

Whether your valentine’s day plans an intimate dinner at home or a romantic night in a restaurant, you will definitely want to be thoughtful of what is special on the menu- especially when you are wondering to get some action. Valentine’s day is just a few days away and we have come with some great pizza flavors ideas to make this valentine’s day unique and special for you and your beloved.

Pizza is one of the most preferred and liked fast food item in the entire world. Believe us, one look at the below mentioned exciting pizza flavors with other food items will set your partner’s own heart aflutter. Whether you and your beloved love your pie topped with cheese, veggies or meat, you will definitely find another favorite from the following collection of best pizza flavors.

1. Gourmet Pizza

Add some romance to your valentine’s day date menu with Gourmet pizza. Yummy! Yes, this is an amazing flavor of veg pizza in which the spicy vegetarian delight is placed on the top loaded with extra cheese and extremely appealing golden corns. This mouth-watering pizza is an amazing veg recipe and is indeed the delight to have. The Gourmet pizza is a delicious flavor because of additional spicy toppings like the jalapenos and the spread of black olives.

2. Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza

People of all ages love cheeseburgers and pizza, and this delicious pizza flavor combines them both. The bacon cheeseburger pizza is stuffed with extra cheese and loaded with appealing toppings at the top. This is a delicious pizza flavor with the mixed combination which can leave anyone with mouth watering experience. Don’t forget to try this pizza flavor with your partner this valentine.

3. Cheese and pepperoni

The cheese and pepperoni pizza is one of the most popular flavors in the entire world. Americans love this flavor as it is really a mouth-watering flavor of pizza. This delicious pizza with pepperoni is loaded with extra cheese. Want to plan a special treat for your love this valentine’s day? Try this cheese and pepperoni pizza!

4. Margherita Pizza

Margherita pizza is a popular and common pizza flavor in the world. These pizzas are mind blowing and are prepared with a single topping of cheese. These flavors are medium spicy and are delicious to taste. Mostly preferred by people who like simple pizza toppings, this pizza is made using toppings of cheese, fresh basil, and tomatoes.Margherita pizza is basically plain cheese pizzas with no extra toppings. So, why you are confused? Go and enjoy this amazing pizza flavor with your better half this valentine’s day.

5. Mexican Green Wave Pizza

Influenced by Mexican waves this is another delicious and unique flavor of American pizza. This pizza is overloaded with crispy capsicum, crunchy onions, jalapeno and juicy and fresh tomatoes. This is a very popular pizza flavor among those who love spicy food. Want to add some lovely spice to your love life? Capture your better half heart with Mexican green wave pizza.

So, for an amazing treat on this Valentine’s Day or any other special occasion, you cannot beat the above described exciting pizza flavors. If you want to enjoy perfect pizza date at your home, contact New York Pizza, we provide all types of pizza flavors right at your door steps.

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