4 Reasons Why Pizza Is “The Best” Food Ever

If there is one food item with which we can’t break up and move on from, it is the one and only pizza. Whenever we, as humans, see a delicious New York-style pizza, we just put our hands down and surrender our stomach to it, no matter the consequences. It doesn't matter if we are on a diet or completely full, a fresh, hot pizza is hard to beat.

It is heaven on Earth — pizza is there for us at every point of life, from breakup nights to Friday get-togethers, it never lets us down. Who doesn’t love pizza? If you say you don’t, then we're going to assume you’re lying.

That smell of cheese and sauce make us weak and leads us toward the most lovable dish of all time. Cravings for pizza can happen anytime, anywhere, on any occasion.

After reading this, we're confident that most of you are already craving for a plethora of cheese and delicious toppings, but if you are still on the fence, then below are four reasons why pizza is the best fast food one can have. New York Pizza in San Mateo and Palo Alto is here to deliver a panoply of taste, relying on the best ingredients and proven cooking practices to deliver satisfaction for every taste bud. If you are truly famished after reading this post, be sure to contact us or order online to get started!

1. Perfect Meal

Why is this meal perfect? Pizza is the only dish which can be eaten at any time of the day. Whether it is breakfast time or a lunch session, you can have pizza to easily eliminate any kind of hunger. Best of all, our New York pizzas can be enjoyed hot or cold. In any scenario, it will taste like heaven. Our pizza place likes to think of this classic meal as a versatile option for every endeavor.

2. Party-Saver

Yes, it is! When you decide to throw a party at your house with plenty of alcoholic drinks, quality food is needed to keep everyone full and happy. Pizza is something which helps all the party animals stabilize for hours of enjoyment. No more tension about what to have with the party drinks when hosting your house party, as long as pizza is on the menu.

Got a lot of people coming to your shindig? Check out our specialty pizzas, and be sure to order the King Kong to keep your mob fed!

3. Midnight Snack

Midnight hunger can become so frustrating when you have to decide what to eat late at night. Pizza is the only meal that doesn’t make you feel bad when you are having one slice at a time. Serve your taste buds with some cheese and spicy toppings in small increments to have a good night sleep after.

4. Tasty, Rare Combinations

Pizza is the only dish that provides nearly any kind of topping, and one of the freshest trends in pizza town is pineapple. Hate it or love it, but you can’t ignore the fact that pizza pairs well with pineapple, and it finally gave us a unique combination to try. Although it is not a new concept, the pineapple pizza first originated in Canada long back in the ’90s. Don’t be shocked.

No words can describe the unconditional love we hold in our hearts for pizza. It is not just a dish that satiates our hunger, but the satisfaction it gives to our taste buds is something that is simply out of this world.

So many of us are too lazy to go outside or too tired after a hectic day of work. How will we satiate our craving for pizza? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! New York Pizza provides all the pizza lovers with the option to design their own pizza right from the comfort of their home. It is our responsibility to deliver a hot and cheesy pizza at your doorstep whenever your cravings speak out loud.

Check out our online menu to find the hot meal you are craving, and be sure to contact one of our pizza places in Silicon Valley to get started!

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