6 scientific reasons to have more pizza

No, i’am not going to say every single person on this globe love pizza instead iam assuring you guys that we all are obsessed over pizza way beyond anything. Literally pizza is the only dish that we all can eat anytime, anywhere even with a full stomach consisting no space for candy least.

Everyone just keep bugging us don’t eat pizza you will get fat or try something else for a change blah blah blah. And we finally reach to the point where we are tired of ignoring all these comments from friends and family members. They are still not understanding our cravings for heavenly cheesy dish.

Now, it is time to give them back once in for all. Yes! Now we have science support which is clearly giving all the good reasons to continue with our pizza obsessed habit as long as we wish.

Wondering what is that? Then take a look at 6 scientific reasons to eat more pizza as much as you desire

1. First food printer in space

This defines how perfect pizza is not only to us but also for the one’s who go beyond this universe. Nasa decided to fund a 3D food printer through which you can design your own pizza, depending on person to person taste bud. What can be better than this right? A perfect meal for astronauts.

2. More antioxidants

Chicago style pizza’s tends to have more antioxidants than the normal one due to its oven time and crust size. The whole wheat crust with longer baking time increase antioxidants up to 60 percent which is good to have. If you wonder what it does? Then basically it kills oxidants molecule in your body that damage cells. Healthy right?

3. Help in poop

Most of you probably struggle in washroom facing cramps and poop problems due to norovirus which is also known as stomach bug. According to the study conducted by us scientists it has been found that the carvacrol can break down the virus which is present in oregano oil.

4. Cancer cells suicide

Carvacrol can also create problems for prostate cancer cells. They can reprogram them and lead them towards suicide. Which means it help to treat prostate cancer significantly.

5. Lycopene rich food

Tomatoes contain lycopene that work as a antioxidants compound which help in treating diseases of heart and other ailments. If you eat pizza with having substance like tomatoes with less oil and cheese then it will increase chances of your intestines absorb most of it.

6. You save money

This is much of a personal experience than scientific one. Obviously, when you choose to go for a pizza over the proper meal in restaurant than it will cost you much more than a 12 inch or 16 inch one. So it is quite possible to have food outside even when it is end of the month and you are likely left with less money. Proving to be money saver? impressive.

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