3 Tips To Plan The Perfect Lunch Date

Lunch dates with your partner needs to be essentially special. Things cannot go wrong on a lunch date or else your partner or your new love interest will lose all the heed in you. You of course don’t want that right? There are plenty of options to organize the perfect lunch date, but we are here with a few ideas with which you can never go wrong! Read on.

1. Find out what your date likes

The first question that may strike you is to which restaurant should you take your date? What does she/he like? If you have tried hard to find your date’s favourite food and have been unsuccessful in knowing, then let me tell you a safe option- PIZZA! Pizza is the all time favourite of everyone and there can be no one who can say no to a pizza. So, don’t think much and take your date to a pizza outlet. Believe me, you will be applauded for your pizza lunch date!

2. Be casual

Too much show off can put off the romantic environment. So, you need to dress up in casuals and while in the pizza outlet, start a casual conversation with your love interest. To make the lunch date more exciting, munch on some appetizers first. This will not only stretch the time of you two sitting together, but also increase the hunger for having more pizza. From the appetizers menu, you can order cheesy sticks, cheesy garlic bread, buffalo wings, BBQ wings, French fries or chicken bites. Good quantity appetizers will keep you two busy and you can chat your hearts out over the tasty dishes.

3. Post lunch planning

After munching on your favourite pizza, you need to plan for a post lunch activity. This need not be an expensive one, but something romantic. Well, we have an idea for you. You can order some cool desserts like tiramisu cake or chocolate cheese cake or sodas and walk down the street, hand in hand, enjoying your dessert and each other’s company? Liked the idea?

Well, if you and your romantic interest are free this weekend, plan for a lunch together at the outlet of New York pizza in San Carlos. A wonderful time can be spent here, with the most delicious king size pizzas, appetizers and desserts. We hope to see you soon at our pizza corner!

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