5 Benefits of Eating Tomato Toppings

A round thing that comes in a square box and is cut out in triangle while eating; yes, you guessed it right; it is Pizza. Who doesn’t love a pizza? I guess we will never really find an answer to that. And, there is this one thing which is a must with pizza and that is tomato.

Be it the tomato ketchup or topping it is a must have ingredient in pizza.

Pizza and tomato toppings are a great combination and if you are a pizza lover or a foodie then it might even be your favourite topping. And, the best place to find a pizza is Pizza in San Carlos. They have the most amazing pizza ever with a variety of toppings and bases; there is nothing that you cannot find here.

Apart from being a great topping for pizza in San Carlos, there are a lot of benefits of eating Well, it might interest you to know that tomato is not a vegetable; but a fruit. Though, it is a big part of the vegetable world.

Below are five benefits of eating tomatoes that you might never have heard, and will make you choose tomato as your next pizza topping definitely:

Reduces Cholesterol- Consuming tomatoes on a regular basis is helpful in reducing cardiovascular diseases as the lycopene in tomatoes will prevent serum lipid oxidation. It decreases the levels of LDL cholesterol and trigylcerides in blood which are the main reasons for the deposition of fat in the blood.

Reduces the effect of cigarette- Acids like coumaric acid and chlorogenic acid in tomatoes help to fight against nitrosamines which are formed in body after one smokes a cigarette.

Tomatoes can protect you from lung cancer as it has a high quantity of Vitamin A present in It.

Digestive health- It prevents both diarrhea and constipation. Eating tomatoes during jaundice helps one in getting better faster. It also removes toxins from the body as it has a large amount of fibre. It regulates bowel movement which helps in keeping the digestive system healthy. It helps in prevention of colorectal cancer.

Healthy Skin-It helps in maintaining healthy teeth, skin, hair and bones. If you apply tomato juice on sunburns then they will be cured in no time. It also protects skin from UV- induced Erythema.

Improves Vision- Tomatoes are rich in Vitamin A which improves the eyesight. So, if you have a weak eye sight then regular consumption can help in improving your vision. A common cause of weak eyesight is the negative effects of free radicals and Vitamin A is a rich antioxidant.

Now, that you know so many benefits of eating tomatoes. You have absolutely no reason to not choose it as your pizza topping.

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