The Top 5 Healthiest Beverages You Should Drink

Sometimes you don’t realize how bad drinking the wrong drink can be for your health and overall diet. As your body is made up to 80 percent of water, it is essential that you get enough fluids during the day to function properly! Water is safe and healthiest drink for sure and no drink can beat it. But you will be surprised to know that there are more options you can enjoy with added health benefits!

Having healthy food is essential if you want to stay well and feel good, but choosing the right beverages you want to consume is equally as important. Fortunately, there are other healthy beverages that can accompany your food.

1. Green Tea

A cup of green tea is far better than having a cup of tea with lots of sugar and milk. Drinking a cup of green tea everyday help reduce the risk of developing certain types of cancers such as breast, lung, colon and skin. Green tea also help lower cholesterol level in your body that reduce the risk of developing heart disease. And you will also get a good side of antioxidants with each cup of green tea.

2. Lemon Water

Yes you read it absolutely right. You should consider drinking lemon juice every day. Waking up every morning to a glass of fresh lemon water aids digestion system and supports natural detoxification. Lemon juice squeezed in hot water helps carry essential nutrients to body cells and eradicate harmful toxins from important body organs. It also lubricate your nose, ear and throat tissues while maintaining the body temperature.

3. Coconut water

Another natural and healthiest rehydration drink you can drink is coconut water. It is a wonderful beverage that provides the electrolytes magnesium, calcium, potassium and sodium. Coconut water has no added preservatives or sweeteners and is perfect to drink. Pure coconut water contains a variety of minerals and vitamins including iodine, zinc, boron, sulphur sand all B-group vitamins.

4. Pomegranate juice

Pomegranate juice has been tagged as one of healthiest beverage on the planet. Pomegranate have shown to prevent and treat everything from high blood pressure to high cholesterol and inflammation. With proven anti-cancer fighting abilities and other positive health effects, pomegranate juice has such a good reputation among all beverages. Just remember you look what you are consuming, as some packed pomegranate juice bottles have preservative and added sugars. Drink pure and do not accept anything else.

5. Coffee

Yes coffee is healthy and good your health. So go ahead and and get your caffeine book! It is naturally calorie free, so you can enjoy it everyday, black or with no-sugar. Coffee is a best source of antioxidants, and benefits your heart health and a great way to stay hydrated. Coffee is also a good natural remedy for all your stomach problems.

So, these are just five healthiest beverages you should drink. You can find more healthy drinks and make it a habit to enjoy them frequently with your loved ones! Well if you are in Palo Alto and feeling hungry order yummy pizza online from New York Pizza right away!

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