6 Perfect Toppings for A Non-Vegetarian Pizza

Pizza is one of the best-loved fast foods around the world, for all the age groups. Everyone loves to eat pizza, from a 12- year old boy to a 60-year old woman; everyone loves to enjoy a slice of delicious pizza with their friends and family. Due to the popularity of pizza, more and more pizza joints are available in the market. That means a lot of options for all pizza lovers! So, if you like non veg pizza, here is a list of toppings:

1. Salami-

Salamy as a topping on your pizza gives a meaty, salty and smoky flavor to your taste buds.The moist and chewiness of salami makes you addicted to it’s crunchy and a distinct flavor that will remain on your tongue minutes after you had your bite.

2. Pepperoni–

Pepperoni’s are the mixture of cured pork and beef. These are also one of the favourite toppings of non-vegetarians. Pepperonis are spicy in nature, and provide a tangy taste to your pizza. So, if you have a love for spice, you must go for pizzas with pepperoni toppings.

3. Bacon–

Bacon refers to cured pork. Bacon is salty and sweet in its raw form, but after being baked it serves your pizza as a smoky and crunchy topping. It adds to the crispiness of your pizza. Also, it adds a salty flavour to your pizza.

4. Chicken breasts–

Chicken breasts are one of the most popular toppings that non-vegetarians prefer. Choosing linear meats like chicken can enhance the taste of pizza considerably. You can also top you pizza with barbecued chicken which provides a smoky and spicy flavour to the pizza.

5. Ham–

Ham is another kind of pork meat. It can either be salted or smoked. It gives your pizza a juicy texture and flavour. Ham and cheese is a quite popular combination to be topped on your pizza. It is one the best protein choices to add on your pizza. It also has a lower fat content as compared to other forms of meat and beef.

6. Sausages–

These can be a delight for a lover of flavours, because it has a bunch of different flavours within it. You can also use crumbled sausages for the pizza. Every non-vegetarians loves to have add the delicious flavor of sausages to their pizza. So, make sure you give a try!

Love for pizza will never end and of course for its toppings. Order your pizza with your favourite toppings to satisfy your taste buds. Pizzas take a little time to be prepared but are always worth the wait. So, hurry up and visit our pizza place in Palo Alto with your loved one!

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