Cheese- The Lifeline Of Your Beloved Pizza

The crunchy crust, the cheesy layer sitting on its top and the mouth watering veggies, meat and yummy sauces being the toppings are sure to make anyone’s mouth water. Right? We all have a love for pizza, whether we admit it or not. It is such a handy delicacy that we can eat it anytime, anywhere and on all occasions.

But, a pizza is incomplete without it’s lifeline- the cheese. Be it mozzarella or provolone, cheesy pizzas are the choice for people of all age groups. Well, have you thought what makes the cheese so important for a pizza? We are here to answer your doubt.

There are basically three cool reasons which makes cheese the lifeline of a pizza.

1. It tastes awesome

Have you ever tasted a cheese less pizza? If yes, then you must know that it tastes so much horrible. Cheese is the main ingredient that enhances the taste of the pizza. Only the toppings on a flatbread crust can make a pizza dull enough to make a person reject this delicacy. Melted cheese and the yumminess it adds to your pizza surely makes it one of the best reason for the cheese to be a pizza’s lifeline.

2. Promoting the US cheese industry

In 2014 the US government pushed pizza to be included in meals to help the cheese industry prosper. Mozzarella cheese was not so much in demand a few decades back. But, with this move, people have started the consumption of cheese on a large scale.

3. Cheese is so good for health

Cheese comes with a large number of benefits that you cannot imagine. It is good for the health and pizza consumption too becomes a healthy option due to the presence of cheese and vegetable toppings on it. Here, I will tell you the benefits of mozzarella cheese.

Cheese for stronger bones

Mozzarella cheese is a source of calcium, an important mineral required to make bones and teeth strong. It is also helpful in keeping the heart muscles healthy and reduces the risk of colon cancer.

Cheese- A source of phosphorous

Phosphorus is essential for the body as it helps to absorb calcium from foods, helps in digestion and proper functioning of the kidneys. Mozzarella cheese has a fair amount of phosphorous.

Cheese- The source of protein and potassium

Mozzarella cheese is a good option for protein and potassium. Protein keeps the body healthy; disease and fatigue at bay. Potassium aids in lowering blood pressure in the body.

Cheese- the source of vitamins

Mozzarella cheese contains biotin, riboflavin, niacin or B3, and fat soluble vitamins like D, E, A. Riboflavin contains anti oxidants and are known to fight anemia, niacin helps to reduce the cholesterol level and the fat soluble vitamins are good for bone and muscle health.

To be precise, the mozzarella cheese consists of all the vitamins and minerals that are required for providing the necessary nutrients to the body.

Pizza is healthy!

Now you know that cheese is the lifeline of a pizza and pizza is a healthy option, you should try it more often. With a number of choices on toppings and a crunchy base, this is sure to satisfy your hunger. Drop in with your friends or order online and enjoy the taste of the best yummilicious pizzas in San Carlos.

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