5 Signs you are a true pasta lover

Besides being flavors, pasta has a wide variety of health benefits like being cholesterol free, providing folic acid, and most important sustaining energy. Are you looking for more reasons to love pasta? Even if those are not enough reasons to eat pasta, it is one of those popular dishes that can be easily prepared in the variety of ways.

One of the greatest benefits of being in love with pasta is that you don’t have to date someone. Yummy pasta, one of the simplest pleasures of life. Many people enjoy eating pasta but only some are quite fond of it. A lot of people love it so much that they are prepared to call it they’re significant other. Not only is this their favorite food, but they are teased by others for how often they are seen making this delicious food from heaven.

While their love for this amazing food cannot be explained in words. Are you also a true pasta lover? Here is a list of 5 signs that your love for this food is a way more than a normal human being.

1. You have it every time

Your commitment to this delicious food item does not just end with a simple pasta salad at morning time, or a penne arrabiata at dinner time, ah, it goes much further than this. You do not care if people judge you, pasta makes you happy. If you find ways to have it at any time, from morning to evening, then, you are surely in love with pasta.

2. It makes you happy

When a mother talks about what it feels like to hold her first child for the first time if you are a true pasta lover you can definitely relate. As it is exactly what you as a pasta lover can feel a hot steaming and yummy bowl of pasta in a creamy flavored sauce. You are totally in the relationship with pasta if you feel fuzzy and great just thinking about it.

3. Cheers you up

From crappy days where everything goes wrong to awful days at work, to perform badly for an assessment, what is your best cure? Sure it is pasta. It is one of the best things to know this about yourself, but it is another great thing if your loved ones know this about you.

4. You can smell it when you think about it

This is really true, you are truly and madly in love with pasta if you can smell it when it comes to your mind. The hot appetizing bowl of creamy pasta; if you have already started smelling it, you are a true pasta lover for sure.

5. All your money spent on it

After hefty bills, you will happily spend rest of your money on things related to pasta, that includes, pasta recipe books, special pasta pots, cookery classes. All your money well spent on it. Undoubtedly you are a true pasta lover.

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