7 Perfect toppings for healthy vegetarian pizza
There are numerous aspects that must be fulfilled in order to live a healthy and happy life, one of which happens to be food. The main source of nutrition for living beings is food and water. While plants synthesize their own food materials, we humans are completely dependent on the plants and other animals for our food. The primary purpose of eating and drinking happens to be nutrition, most of the people today eat for satisfying their taste buds. There are multiple vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes consumed by numerous individuals on day to day basis. Pizza is an italian food item which is consumed with utter happiness and excitement throughout the world. More about pizza in the section of the blog.

Pizza – the soul food

The most loved italian dish in the entire world happens to be pizza. It is prepared with different recipes, different sauces, different ovens but with the same feeling of love for pizza around the world. Some people are so crazy for this food item that they refer Pizza as their soulmate and talk about marrying pizza. Within a decade, this food item has gain utmost popularity, especially amongst the youth. On the contrary, there are a number of individuals that disregard pizza and consider it a junk food. Following section of the blog is dedicated to all the pizzerians and the opposers of Pizza, as it will enlighten you about the 7 perfect toppings for preparation of a healthy vegetarian pizza.

7 super healthy vegetarian toppings for your pizza

According to the popular belief, pizza is not the healthiest food item. It is noteworthy here, that a pizza can be made nutritious and super healthy by using healthy toppings. Mentioned below is a list of all the healthy vegetarian alternatives of Pizza toppings: –

1. Rosemary is a miraculous green vegetable which is known best for boosting memory and immunity. Apart from that it is also known to stimulate the blood flow making the skin flawless.

2. Red potato is the next healthy topping on our listing. The best feature of a red potato is it being fat free and this eliminates the fattening factors associated with pizzas.

3. Spinach is the vegetable known for eliciting big biceps to our favourite ‘Popeye the sailor man’. Well! On a serious note, spinach is extremely rich in iron and can alone serve all the requirements of iron in the body.

4. Zucchini is yet another green vegetable famous for its weight loss stories. It protects your cardiovascular system and keeps you disease free.

5. Asparagus is the best vegetable to dig in when you are trying to lose weight. Apart from that it comes loaded with antioxidants to maintain the best of health.

6. Tomato is one vegetable which is used conventionally in the pizzas but its health benefits are still unknown. It is the richest source of antioxidants and aids digestion. Also, consuming tomatoes has been known to have the counter effect of smoking cigarettes.

7. Mushroom has been known for its numerous health benefits and certain specific varieties of mushrooms are known to fight against cancer.

Any food item when prepared with healthiest veggies can never be considered as unhealthy or junk and with pizza there is a wide variety of toppings to make it nutritious. New York pizza is one such pizzeria known of preparing the healthiest pizzas. There is a wide option in the New York pizza hours of opening and ordering. Visit or order online to enjoy the tastiest and healthiest pizza in town.