Pizza is the dish that brings out the Joey in all of us. Whether it is one loaded with cheese or filled with spices, a good pizza can light up any day.

While some choices of flavours and toppings are instant favourites, others aren’t that good, such as pineapples. Still, that doesn’t stop people from experimenting with flavours and spices on their pizzas, and while most of them end up in the trash, there are some that end up becoming favourites among the masses.

There are many such combinations that people have tried, and to the disbelief of many, have worked. Some of the most popular ones are:

1. Tikka Masala: The last time we mixed Indian and Italian was Sonia Gandhi. This one, however, will surely please a lot more people. This is a recipe made for chicken pizzas in particular, and an oozing mozzarella base loaded with spices to the top will be like a fireball right in your mouth. It can be vegetarian too, but won’t recreate the same magic as chicken will.

2. Fruit pizzas: Who said pizzas cannot be sweet? While a chocolate pizza doesn’t work as well, a fruit pizza is not only a great idea for a desert but also contains loads of nutrition and very little carbs. Even eating a King Kong pizza won’t add many calories with this one, but the correct combination of fruits will make it a taste to relish. The most tried combination is fruit jam with strawberries and apples.

3. The crunchy pizza: Thin crust pizzas are delicious and crunchy, and their flavour and crunch can be very easily increased by adding chips. While adding chips before putting the pizza into the oven would make them soggy, adding them as a garnish to the pizza would increase the crunchiness, and would also add more spices to the mix.

4. Choco Raprberry: Chocolate alone doesn’t always do the job. However, a berry over a chocolate loaded pizza is one of the best things to have ever happened to a pizza. Chocolate and berries counterbalance each other very well, balancing the sour taste with the sweetness. It also doesn’t require much preparation and very little cheese, so is a good way of cutting down on fat.

5. Garlic cheese pizzas: We love pizzas. We love garlic breads. What more is needed? Garlic adds a great taste to the pizza, and a cheese loaded pizza with garlic flavouring will blow your brains out. Corn and spices also go well with garlic, so that you also get a variety on the plate before you get it on your taste buds.