If there is one thing with which we can’t break up and move on then it can only be pizza. Whenever we see one we just put our hands down and surrender our stomach to it no matter what, we are on a diet or completely full from inside.

It is heaven on earth, the pizza stay with us in every point of life from breakup nights to friday get togethers it never let us down. I mean, who doesn’t love pizza if you say you don’t then i’m going to assume you’re lying.

That smell of cheese and sauce make us week and lead us towards the most lovable dish of all. Craving for pizza is something which can happen anytime, anywhere on any occasion.

After reading this, i know most of you are already craving for one. but if you are still in thinking mode then here are 4 strong reason why pizza is the best fast food one can have :-

1. Perfect meal

Why perfect? Pizza is the only dish which can be eaten at any time of the day. Whether it is breakfast time or lunch session you can have pizza to eliminate any kind of hunger easily. Moreover, you no more need to worry about how to eat hot or cold? In any scenario, it will taste like heaven. Sounds like best friend?

2. Party saver

Yes it is! So, finally when you decided to throw a party at your house with all the booze end problem remains food always. Pizza is something which helps all the party animals in soaking up booze with the taste of pizza smoothly. No more tension about what to have with the drink whenever partying, as long as you have pizza at home.

3. Midnight snack

Midnight hunger becomes so frustrating when you have to decide what to eat at this time of night. Pizza is the only meal which doesn’t make you feel wrong when you are having one at time. Serve your taste bud with some cheese and spicy toppings to have a good night sleep right after.

4. Taste rare combinations

Pizza is the only dish which goes with any kind of topping and one of the new trend in pizza town is pineapple. Hate it or love it but you can’t ignore the fact that pizza went well with pineapple too and it finally gave us a unique combination to try. Although, it is not a new concept, the pineapple pizza was first originated in canada long back in 90’s. Don’t be shocked.

No words can describe the unconditional love we hold in our heart for pizza’s. It is not just a dish that make our hunger period lot smoother but the satisfaction it gives to our taste bud is something out of this world.

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